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Sunday, May 07, 2017


there is love in her heart


a devil in her mouth.


Muzik pairing:

Blue Monday / New Order


Friday, April 21, 2017

konfessions of a bradbury kollector: writing soundz (wordz by alfred balcon)

still remember the first bradbury words that went into my soul.
it was a book about burning books (in the future).
a pure revolution in the making.
erudite explosion like a volcano out of control.
a dark carnival.
oh so much texture.
like sound and vision.
u were the teacher.
i was the student.
from that moment on, i started collecting all that you have even written.
every collection of short stories.
every novel.
like a hungry vampire hunting for fresh blood.
collecting. reading. writing.
my own literary creations enhanced by your everlasting talent.
zen in the writing.
at last, my life had a meaning.
and then, on june 5, 2012,
while I was still listening to the echoes of your ground-breaking career,
your voice went mute.
typewriter shutdown.
life shortage.
anybody home?
fuck all.
total blackness.
and sadly, the word empire that u provided structure for,
that u have once built for us, apostles, with your own tears, blood and sweat,
should never ever be the same again…
another black day without you.
i dream of the day that I will finally meet with u in the afterlife.

yours truly,


Muzik pairing:

Warm Leatherette / The Normal


Monday, April 17, 2017


Almost midnight / I close my eyes / I am afraid of what comes next / afraid to see what the world will look like when the page of the calendar will be turned / darkness euphoria / fear of everything and nothing / fear of the wolf / fear of the deadly kiss from the Babylon whore / fear of the melody that my blood sings in the parking lot of my unconsciousness / fear of the cemetery rebellion / fear of what lies under my bed / afraid of all human kind / afraid of what I am not / fear of what I might have been / fear of being abandoned / fear of aliens / fear of your socially transmitted venom / fear of your putrid cunt / fear of tomorrow's stinking remorse / fear of going out / afraid of being afraid / fear-o-mania...


Muzik paring :

I'm Afraid of Americans - David Bowie



i knock at your door
but u don't open.

i call u on your cell
but u don't answer.

i touch your skin
but you get away from me.

i tell u that i luv u
but my wordz get lost in your indifference.

i share with u my concerns about our future
but you fall asleep in my face...


Muzik pairing :

All Wrong - God Lives Underwater


Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Bouillon de kulture : Ma vie littéraire stand-up (61) (billet de presse)

 je ferme les yeux j'ouvre les yeux / noirceur totale / je ferme les yeux j'ouvre les yeux / mathieu arsenault se tient seul sur la scène du théâtre la chapelle / seul dans l'arène / avec un micro / avec un spot braqué sur lui / avec comme seule arme / sa mémoire / sa passion / son t-shirt de vickie gendreau avec ses lettres qui flashent / doré motherfucking métallik / son inépuisable talent / 45 minutes / non-stop / mathieu a écrit son livre / puis il a décidé de le mémoriser / et de nous le slammer dans le front / dans un débit digne d'un rap d'eminem / à la vitesse de la lumière / 45 minutes de pur délire / délicieuse décadence / à un certain moment j'ai eu le goût de lui lancer ma bouteille d'eau afin qu'il puisse boire un peu faute de respirer / eh oui la narratrice de son roman c'est fucking vickie gendreau / en âme et en mots / tout y passe dans son show / l'industrie du livre / le salon du livre / les jeux vidéos / la paresse / la vie sans vickie / les lancements de livres / le slam / la dé-évolution / être publié / ne pas être publié / mourir avant le temps / se suicider à temps partiel / stand-up / fist-fuck / laptop / maudite poésie  /  lapdance / BPM / bière et punk / me suis acheté un livre de la relève en attendant le début du show / cool truc mathieu / mais comment peut-aller dormir après pareil tsunami de mots / facile : on écrit / je ferme les yeux j'ouvre les yeux / je suis la vie littéraire..

jusqu'au 31 mars 2017


Muzik pairing :

Disco Science - Mirwais

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017


bright shooting star in the sky of our bland monotonous writings ]

wordz by alfred balcon

i saw it first come my way...
fast, oh so fast.
like a speeding bullet.
hitting me in the soul like a train out of control.

i felt it first come my way...
black, oh so black.
like a viper's venom.
intoxicating brightness.
fist-fucking lightness.
in total decay.

i am total blackness...


Muzik pairing :

Blackstar - David Bowie

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Bouillon de kulture : Spirit / Depeche Mode (60)

Spirit artwork
in all honesty, it took me a few listenings to get into the SPIRIT of the new Depeche Mode record.

don't get me wrong here: i am a huge fan, ever since they dropped their first ever song on the DM planet.

and i have seen them live so many many times...

but again it took me a couple of takes to fully appreciate the 14
th studio album (27 years after releasing the groundbreaking Violator) of these electronic music pioneers. 

i  had heard that the record was going to be a dark one, so i had anticipated that the minimalism of Delta Machine's acid-synth riffs were going to be served up front again to be part of the gloomy atmosphere, i had wished for more upbeat and pure electronic DM tracks à la World In My Eyes.

but overall SPIRIT is a pretty damn good record : the two first tracks Going Backwards (with Martin Gore's classic DM backing vocals near the end of the song making it a totally vintage tracks) and Where's the Revolution (dark, hypnotic and oh so rebellious) are amongst the album's finest tracks. As far as Scum goes, it recalls of The Dead of Night from Exciter. You Move is pretty fucking catchy too. Then, unfortunately, the album falls a bit flat with Cover Me, Eternal and Poison Heart, before delivering what probably stands as the CD's best track: So Much Love. 

on the whole, SPIRIT brings a fresh new set of songs to the DM discography and proves that the electronic trio still has what it takes to bring refreshing ideas to the table, providing strong songwriting and instrumentation in the process, although the album could have used a couple of interlude cutting-edge avant-garde instrumentals (the latest Martin Gore MG provided such cool shit) like DM has managed to do on previous musical efforts to bring another dimension to the bouquet of tracks. Guitar wise : we are in Songs of Faith and Devotion and Ultra territory... In terms of energy, it recalls of the vision behind Violator...

finally, two thumps up to photographer Anton Corbijn for the ultra inspiring cover, which fully transcends the concepts behind the album : revolution, rebellion, the sense of urgency and marching as one in despair to protest against the system...

Get your hands on the Deluxe edition here (on iTunes).


Muzkik pairing :

Where's the Revolution / DM

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Monday, March 13, 2017

Fricassée de futilités no.37

mis : la main sur les albums de Moby commandés sur ebay. Le b-side de 18 est malade...

vu : Kong Skull Island - OMG quel film, effets spectaculaires / Kong est plus gros et plus badass que jamais... Génial!

avancé : mes romans dans ma tête / c'est quand même fucking mieux que rien...

glissé : aux Glissades des Pays d'en Haut avec les boys pendant la relâche. Au menu : bobsleigh, rafting, Tornade, descentes extrêmes... Plaisir dans la neige...

relu : Vie Littéraire de Doctorakgo en attendant son stand-up littéro-machin au théâtre Lachapelle. Cannot wait...


Muzik pairing:

Horse and Carrot - Moby