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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Bouillon de kulture : Achtung Baby (U2) (series 33 1/3, book no. 49) / Stephen Catanzarite (52)

Image result for 33 1/3 Achtung BabyI was always intrigued by the amazing book series 33 1/3. Achtung Baby being one of my all-time favorite records, it was only logical that no. 49 would be my first experience with this great collection of music books. These prints make a great piece of art in any library...

Although I never expected Achtung Baby to go into that direction, I was amazed by the way it turned out.

Despite the various allusions to religion on AB (Until the End of the World, for example), who would have imagined that behind the prophetic album by Bono and friends there would be such strong reference to Adam and Eve, the Creation of Humanity and the Fall of Man.

This book was great and I enjoyed every word of it. Catanzarite's musical descriptions of the various tracks were captivating.

To me, Achtung Baby, with its industrial vibe, modern feel and electronic textures, represents a very important milestone in U2's discography and helped establish/define the Dublin group and a SUPER band!

My next 33 1/3 will be Freedom of Choice (Devo)...


Muzik pairing :

Ultraviolet / U2

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