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Friday, January 01, 2016

RIP 2015

Parties worldwide
2015 behind.

Calendar switch.
Global wish.

365 days to repent.
365 days to reinvent.

Goals ahead.
New trends felt.

Time to look forward.
Fuck backward.

Be better than the year before.
Be more and more and more.

Don't go for less
Never careless.

Always happy.
Never greedy.

Why not stronger?
Of course never weaker...

Anti-Isis yourself.
Anti-murder yourself.
Anti-zombie yourself.
Anti-child abuse yourself.
Anti-illiterate yourself.
Anti-punk yourself.
Anti-prostitute yourself.
Anti-apocalypse yourself.
Anti-nuclear bomb yourself.
Anti-AIDS yourself.
Anti-Satan yourself.
Anti-2015 yourself.
Anti-global warming yourself.
Anti-vomit yourself.
Anti-couch potato yourself.
Anti-divorce yourself.
Ant-drunk-driving yourself.
Anti-SPAM yourself.
Anti-middle finger yourself.
Anti-diabetes yourself.
Anti-tsunami yourself.
Anti-animal cruelty yourself.
Anti-cheat yourself.
Anti-writer's block yourself.
Anti-morse code yourself.
Anti-earthquake yourself.
Anti-pollute yourself.
Anti-SerialKiller yourself.
Anti-cancer yourself.
Anti-lazy yourself.
Anti-i-don't-give-a-shit yourself.
Anti-obese yourself.
Anti-cigarette yourself.
Anti-Harper yourself.
Anti-stress yourself.
Anti-phobia yourself.
Anti-poverty yourself.
Anti-snobism yourself.
Anti-Botox yourself.
Anti-bankrupt yourself.
Anti-Viagra yourself.
Anti-ignorance yourself.
Anti-depression yourself.
Anti-gluten yourself.
Anti-hate yourself.
Anti-Adele yourself.
Anti-war yourself.
Anti-virus yourself.
Anti-kamikaze yourself.
Anti-sweet-fuck-all yourself.
Anti-bronzage yourself.
Anti-CrystalMeth yourself.
Anti-racism yourself.
Anti-in vitro yourself.
Anti-violence yourself.
Anti-liposuccion yourself.
Anti-mutilate yourself.
Anti-pedophile yourself.
Anti-Turcotte yourself.
Anti-rape yourself.
Anti-suicide yourself.
Anti-drug yourself.
Anti-mute yourself.
Anti-homophobic yourself.
Anti-syndicate yourself.
Anti-sperm yourself.
Anti-nothing yourself.
Anti-fucking yourself.

Rock on!
Stay strong!

2016 will be a year never before seen...


Muzik pairing :

Hack Attack - Sigue Sigue Sputnik



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