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Saturday, December 01, 2018

Word Dépôt - Blog-ô-thon Fairwell 2018 (WD-43)

Oh yeah! it's that time of year again...

Time 2 write / time 2 celebrate...

Time 2 think / think 2 uzinamo...

I will be performing yet another BOT 2 end the year in beauty...

So do not hesitate to pass by, and pleaze don't be shy...

This is taken from Sam Weller's Writing Advices (I intend to do so 4 the next month or so...):

 2. Write. Write Something Everyday.

Stop it with the excuses and the “I don't have the time” or the “I’m tired” routine or the “I’m not feeling it” banter. Write in the notes app on your phone. Scribble on napkins. Blog. Write well-crafted emails. On good days, write your magnum opus.
Just write.
Even if it’s just 30-minutes a day. Every time you write, you learn and you grow.
Muzik pairing :
College Boy - Indochine



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