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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Bouillon de kulture : Top 16 things 2 Know about Drake's Summer Sixteen Tour Stop in Motherfucking Montreal (October 7, 2016) (58)

16- U cannot even begin 2 imagine the number of fans who came 2 the show with a Drake t-shirt (Revenge for example) or hoodie, or the amount of people that bought one that night... At a minimum of $30 a pop, it's just insane!

15- I saw a lot parents who came with their kidz 2 give them a chance 2 watch their first concerts. Simply amazing...

14- I have 2 admit that the opening acts were a bit 2 freaking long, but Drake's performance was worth every penny. Generous. Engaged. Energetic.

13- Young women made it a point 2 show as much flesh as possible below their black chocker necklaces (out and about)... Hard 2 stay focused sometimes with all those distractions... Fuck!

12- Of course, social media played a big part throughout the nite: posting a gazillion pictures and selfies on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Drakechat (Oups... Snapchat).

11- It was amazing to see all those young fans chanting and dancing, listening to one of their idol's urban motherfucking beats... It made me reminisce about how muzik played a big part while growing up... So inspiring!

10- There was not one person (except me ;-)) who did not know all of Drake's lyrics by heart. Powerful.

9- Visual effects were pretty amazing, especially all those mechanical ballons going up and down in the air and being lit by different bright colors. I loved the pink ones during Hold On, We're Going Home. Stunning.

8- Future gave a very energetic performance.

7- I was a little scared when it was time to pass with our tickets, since it was the first time that I purchased stuff on StubHub, but everything worked out just fine. Thank God!

6- I was very happy with our seats... We were surrounded by ecstatic fans... My son was one of them...

5- Although Rihanna was not there on stage to perform with Drake, their duets were pretty well rendered. Work work work work work work / Dirt dirt dirt dirt dirt dirt... Amazing.

4- Drake did not look at all like someone who was injured and about to stop his Summer Sixteen Tour 2 recuperate. Hey Montreal, we were pretty lucky. Timing is everything!

3- The album Views will be my next purchase on iTunes.

2- It goes without saying that Drake loves Montreal, but the important thing 2 know is that we love him back!

1- Drake is bigger than life right now... Fucking bigger than Jay-Z, Kanye, or even Pharrell...


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