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Friday, March 02, 2012

PaPaLand : Where did the time go, daddy?

I am putting my little one to bed.
Yes i know : some of you will tell me that at 4 years old he should be falling asleep by himself...


But we still lie down next to him until he snores away...

It is a couple times now that he asks me about the time, because he looks at the alarm clock while he falls asleep..

9:01, 9:02, ...

- Daddy, why do the numbers change like that? he asks.
- Well, because every minute that passes the time changes and we add a minute to the time...

Wow! I was amazed by my own answer...Explaining him that made me wonder about just how precious time is...

Time just flies. We add a minute here, we add a minute there...By the time we notice, hours, days pass by before we even know it. Time is unstoppable...Oh my God!

Enjoy every second of it, people, because we cannot rewind & restart...

Cherish time with your friends and family. Live life to the fullest!

Take care...Hasta la pasta!

I love you both so much Tristan & Massimo...


Muzik pairing :



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