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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

SAMPLING UZINAMO (aka Night of the Living Blog)

i travel through my own words

i travel through my previous posts

i travel through my future writings
using what i have done in the past
using the creatures i have once myself given birth to

is this a crime?
hell, no!

'cause at the end of the day...
they are MY words
they came from my mind, and
they will be put to good use...
to add substance to an existing short-story
to launch new ideas into various directions
to reproduce an atmosphere that has died alone on a word-loneliness deserted island...

i travel through uzinamo
mating parasites with non-specific terms
playing Frankenstein
in Dracula's brothel
intoxicating semi-colon
raping paragraphs from behind
choking subtitles with a radioactive belt
slitting throats with sampled prologues...


Muzik pairing :

Waiting For The Sirens Call by New Order

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