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Sunday, June 28, 2015


u sleep. i write.

but why?

because i can.
because i will.
because u can't.

i write when u eat.
i write when u work
i write when u f#%k.

i write what u cannot think,
i write what u cannot do.
do i write too much or too little?
word in / word out / word count...

every morning when the sun rises
i begin my mind journey in search of the coolest, most amazing stories.
i copy/paste them into my word blender and
at the end of the day that mad word processing machine
serves up a gargantuesque feast for the senses :

a pinch of excitement here,
a taste of astonishment there,
all seasoned with a splash of horror.

i write in a black room,
in the craziest bistros,
in your prison cell,
in the city's whorehouse.
in the execution room,
into the confessional.

i write when u pray.
i write when u cry.
i write when u die.
word in / word out / word count...


Muzik pairing :

The Fly - U2

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